Doug O. Sanchez

Product Engineer
& Designer

Multidisciplinary product engineer & designer specializing in manufacturing and supply chain.


"If we give [people] better tools or processes, they can design better.” - Maria Yang

At Tulip I created better design tools and interfaces for manufacturers.

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Since 2014 I have been mentoring undergraduate students at MIT taking 2.009, Product Engineering Processes.

Each year I run a tutorial on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as an Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Illustrator CS6 & CC. You can find videos and resources for that tutorial at

Original typography is the only way to have an original brand.

As a freelance designer at Humano, I work with a variety of organizations and individuals to deliver timeless designs. Contact me for your next logo, brand identity, or custom typography at

Be in your element. Be in the elements.

As a Registered Yoga Teacher RYT® 200 with the Yoga Alliance I teach yoga classes at

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